Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Its a new beginning...!!!!!!!

Hey guys....!!!!!
My name is Nikhil Deshpande.I live in Aurangabad district in Maharashtra state in India.I have just registered my account in blogger. As for now I havent read any blogs, so I really have no idea what people write here and what issues or thoughts they discuss through the blog. But through the talks with the friend i found blogging as a concept very interesting and challenging too..!! As you are going to express your views over the certain matter or any particular thing which you find interesting enough to share with your friends. That is something i found very interesting as you are going to discuss with your friend and relatives with whom for some reason(Distance between cities, hectic life with busy schedule due to exam or office work...you ask for the reason and you get many..) you can not discuss these things with them. This opportunity ( can be called as "Golden") of sharing your views makes the blogging activity a lot more interesting than any other.
But at the same time it is very important that I should convey my views with the same spirit as they were in my mind otherwise friends, people or relatives can understand them completely opposite way of their actual meaning, so that makes the blogger work more challenging.
Anyways, As of now I have decided to just register my account in blogger and go through other blogs of other people and try to see what things they discuss through the blog. So be patient because soon I too will start to share my thoughts and views with you about any particular matter or any individual
If u have any suggestion or thoughts about my blog which u want to share with me, then do write to me on my mail id which is nikhil14_2001@yahoo.com. Thank you for visiting the blog and have a nice day..!!!.....

Thanking You,

Nikhil Deshpande