Sunday, July 14, 2013


We all have memories in our lives, ever since we enter this world we start learning things around us. We understand who our parents are. We understand who our relatives are. We understand who our friends are.

When we meet our best friend or a relative we all have stories for everything we did together, how did we meet? If the person is our best friends from school or college then we will definitely have stories of the mischievous incidents that happen during the respective learning institutions. Those stories may not have happen in recent years but they have their own importance and existence through us.

I have my own memories of my life. I remember doing murga with my best pal for straight two Marathi lectures just because we whispering in English on a national Hindi day in School. I have a memory of playing cricket on the playground behind our school where our school has built a nursery school now. I remember watching creepiest movie in the theater with my best friend on an early Friday morning show just because they used to cost us 30 rupees flat. I remember going to my IELTS exam on heavy rain in Mumbai for the first time on my own. I have a memory of walking on my ¾ for 3 miles from my home to Tesco store in the midnight in London with 3 inch snow on the street just to buy the chocolate flavored milk and couple of red bull so that I can finish my dissertation in time.

You know these are just the small little preview of the memories I have created since my school days till recent years.

In recent years the numbers of memories I have created have shrunk down with heavy percentages. These days what I am doing is what we call maintaining peace, something our government does in Kashmir. They don’t want to mess things up so they just keep things in motion without proper output. I have been doing things that I may not enjoy at fullest but this is part of the package that says do this or suffer with humiliation.

I don’t remember making a new friend in recent time that I will cherish to the rest of my life. I don’t remember doing anything dramatic that people with right character will find hard to digest. I don’t know how they pull this off but people around me have been quite the spender these days. I see those buying very expensive gadgets. They visit these exotic and strange tourist locations with their family and friends. I see people around me making big life decisions with the maximum ease in their behavior. When I compare my life then I am seriously the looser guy in the group. One of the toughest decisions that I have taken in recent days is of buying the 3D LED HD television for my parents for their anniversary or deciding which mobile phone will be cheapest one with maximum features.

May be this is a true sign of growing up. May be this is the sign of maturity. I don’t want to sound callous and selfish but I don’t see any drastic uphill or downhill in life. I have been living in Pune for two years and maybe I will settle down in the city too. Pune as a city ranks second in Maharashtra after Mumbai when I see the population. It is not a bad city to live in to but I am little scared and worried these days. I am worried that I will have nothing new to share with friends when I will meet them in party or function. I am scared that major portion of my life will be over much faster and much before I realize. When I see things through this approach I suffocate a bit.

I am not a scientist, I am not a doctor. I will never cure for major diseases or I will never create any alternative option for fuel. I am just going to be the curly guy in the crowd with a smile, but when I say this that doesn't mean God has the right to take life out my routine.

Sorry folks I really have no clue what to say now neither I have an ideal ending for this but if you like what I have written here then please do leave your comment and let me know your opinion. Thank you.