Monday, October 24, 2011

Getting Serious!!

I can’t comment on others lives but I’ve highest regards of my life. May be I’ve seen too many western movies based in deserts such as Mummies series or Prince of Persia but I think I’m no different than those protagonists of such movies who holds swords with big muscular physique in their posters. Often it has been written or spoken that how our lives are not at all related to what we see on 70mm screen may be it is true. Sometimes you see things so many times that gradually you start to notice what other people don’t notice. It’s not the stubbornness and careless attitude of Brad Pitt’s attitude makes him so much popular in Troy but the unfairness and the way he handles the situation makes him so unique. Anyway, I’m not here to judge movies and share its visual greatness.

It’s been a while since wrote my last piece. Last two years have been mixture of both success and failure. While dealing with social boundaries one gets little attentive, especially in country like India where the barriers crosses the rooftops. Human tendency in such circumstance pushes him to hide his failures and show the success. It takes guts to accept the defeat and start dealing with it. Yes, I’m a failure. May be things could have been much brighter than what they are. May be I wouldn’t be this tensed as I’ve ever been in my life. I could have become the person who conquered despite all the negativity and yet humbly smile. It’ss not the failure around you but the success around you make even more conscious and pushes you hard to feel the regret for your deeds.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot and that might be one the reason my hair fall but I think everything wrong and negative thing happens with you for a reason. May be this eternal optimism I got from my father is talking but Yes, I’ve seen failures. Yes I’ve been defeated very badly in last couple of years. I’ve lost so many things which I would have cherished whole my life. But, on the other hand I’ve learned the lesson which I probably wouldn’t have if I wasn’t that failed. At 23, I’m serious young man who has plans to do something nice with life. May be taking a giant leap of faith but I don’t think anyone of my age would be this focused when they were 23 in their respective lives. If you people were then I’m very sorry.    

I’ve been talking so much about failure so much that many of you will have your share of failure experiences to share with me which I know will have deeper pain and impact in your life. May be the definition of success is way different than what one might think. Some will say I’ve been successful, many will disagree with it. It barely matters what other thinks, it’s what the truth is and what will bring the positive change one would anticipate not in your life but people who are anticipating from you. May be it is the western influence on me or things are changing rapidly but I think I’ve started to think to deal with the problem from the front rather than the ideal way benefiting from everyone’s prospective.

May be I’ve been in the dark so much that every ray of sun makes a larger difference in my life. May be I’ve seen things through one dimension so long that I’m hunting new angles to justify my acts and the way to get out of it. People have suffered because of me and they might suffer more because of me. Sometimes I wish harry handovers the wand of Dumbledore to real people!