Saturday, November 8, 2008

Provincialism and Maharashtra

Hey folks, We all have been hearing about the most burning issue of the year from last many months about the Maharashtra provincialism, and how much the UP and Bihari migrants are living in the state of fear in Maharashtra. My words may sound little parochial minds words, but why is there so much exaggeration of a small point from Hindi news channels when it comes to Maharashtra….????.....I mean isn’t there a law in the constitution, which says that if a business is taking place in a particular area then 80% member of the staff should be local and rest from anywhere else. The governments of Karnataka has a strict rule for the business units who wants to setup their business in Karnataka that they will have to choose their entire staff from local areas only.
Unfortunately, the Government of Maharashtra was carried away to follow this rule in the state when it was mostly needed. If the government of Maharashtra had kept their eyes on the business sector in the state, then none of this would have happen. But the filth behavior of the maharashtrian politicians has allowed people like Raj thakrey to come out and become hero. I know that there is already so much has already been spoken about Raj and his party that none of you are in the state of mind where you could hear or discuss anything about him, but the one thing which many of you must have noticed that any maharashtrian be it a state leader or a common maharashtrian people while talking about Raj and his party that all of them admit one thing that he has valid point but a very wrong way to handle things.
Yes the unemployment in Maharashtrian youth does exist and I am very sure that the problem is deep serious than what we can imagine. But are the UP and Bihari migrants should be blamed for this situation?? After hearing a lot from the family and friends one thing which I came to know that this is not the first time that Maharashtra is facing this problem, these things have already happen in Maharashtra in 60’s. I can sympathies with then youth of Maharashtra who really had no source for the education as the whole nation was going through the process of revolution and there were not many jobs in country so people use to go to the place where they will get the job, and they used to come to Maharashtra for the living, and this give then Maharashtrian youth feeling of fear to loosing their jobs.
But what is the problem in today’s Maharashtra?? Today, We have universities like Pune and Mumbai who are reupted and popular not only in the state but also in country and Marathi students are passing out from these universities with great score and grades. Maybe because I live in a city where I may not be facing these problems in a such depth as other bigger cities in Maharashtra like pune and mumbai where it exist in larger scale, so I was not in the perfect state where I could imagine or understand their pain as well as their so called “Problem” existence in Maharashtra till my old school friend met some months back. He is currently living in Mumbai, So I felt that he will be the perfect person to answer my question as he is living on the same street on which many UP and Bihari people are living. So I asked him about this. And he said that the, ”Yes, there are unemployment problems in Mumbai for the Maharashtrian lower middle class families does exist. As the most of the jobs or businesses are occupied by non-Maharashtrian by the north and south Indian people, jobs like barber, hawker, fruiterer, plumber, labor, painter and many more like these jobs which doesn’t required education but the skills of that job. But when it comes to sectors like IT firm or banking sector, business firms or many such jobs where the knowledge and education matters the most, the maharashtrian youth is doing fine job and I find them even progressing in some cases.”. The point I am trying to raise here is that the whole thing about maharashtrian people being left out from business is exaggerated so well by political parties that any one will be convince without any doubts.
Yes there are some sections in the society where lower middle class or middle class families unfortunately are neglected by the state government but one thing which one should consider that the current State Government is strong enough to resolve the problem but it just that they are not in the mood or position to solve the problem as state elections are right in the corner and the current government has nothing to put on the desk to show the public as they have failed any every sector in which they had promised growth and stability.
In such circumstance the only choice they have is to divide the oppositions votes and get in to power in the elections by encouraging political partys like MNS. I am not denying the points raised by MNS leaders, they are considerable points but the one thing which comes to my mind is that, Why now? Why all of sudden the MNS have started to take these points? I mean doesn’t these things exist in the Mumbai and Maharashtra from a long time? I know that may be there are many points which might have been left in my article. But I have tried my level best to include every possible important point here.
So finally I am ending my article here. Please feel free to express your opinion here and let me know your reaction on it. Thank you for visiting my page! Have a nice day!