Friday, December 19, 2008

The things which have influenced (ruined) me!!!!!!

Influence is something which depends on every individual personality. Some people get influenced by certain music or certain books. And some people do get influenced by certain sports or personality. 
          The things which plays pivotal role in influencing is attraction towards the thing of which we don’t have skills nor idea about it but we still want to do it and achieve what others have already achieve. You know it is not necessary that one will get influenced positively about that thing, I mean to say that at times people do get influenced by the wrong side of a thing which they shouldn’t but these things happen. And being shameless for a while I too would like to say that I was one of them. I know it is not something which I should be proud of but it has happen. 
                   As everybody knows that as a child in India, it can ask only two basic things to is parent is either toys or cricket bat and ball. I wasn’t exceptional child in that sense. I too had asked my parents for the same thing ( Actually I was an exceptional child in that term as I asked much more than bat-ball and toys…!!!!!!). But it wasn’t just the sports which had influenced me. Those were the days when Cricket world cup was happening in India. I was 8 that time and I had no idea what is this fuss was made about cricket that time. So, gradually I started to understand game and its rules and I too was fascinated by cricket. And my joy was doubled when I saw Jaysuriya being awarded Audi car as Man of the tournament for the world cup 96. And having small Audi car toy in my car set I knew how it feels having Audi car in your garage. Those were the same days when Sachin was having blast as he was doing a lot of commercial advertisement and he was earning a lot of money for it. And now you too must have understand that why I said that I was one of them. I mean to say that just imagine a eight year kid is watching some people are making a lot of money and are being awarded expensive cars for doing same thing which he is been doing for a while. 
Slowly, I was making my mind to choose Cricket as a future profession. I started dreaming that I myselg too is being awarded the Audi car and doing same Pepsi commercials. Actually, to be very honest it wasn’t just the fame and money which had pushed me in such situation where I made my mind to make career in cricket. Those days then Indian skipper Mohd. Azharuddin had divorced his first wife and was planning for his second marriage with film actress Sageeta bijlani. And if I haven’t forgotten azhar’s face then I can easily say that he wasn’t good looking at all. But still he had a movie actress as a wife, just because he was a cricketer. And my curious and cunning brain had decided to become cricketer. I mean getting paid by huge amount of money for the weird commercials and marrying movie actresses is not at all bad thing to do and by playing the same sports which I used to play a lot those days. And I consider cricket as the easiest sports ever. But you know sometimes you need hard lessons to realize a simple thing. The same thing happen to me.
  It was the year 2000. The whole world had witnessed the shameful face of cricket through match fixing. I still remember reading an article where the former African captain Late Hansie cronje picture was there and the first line was written there saying that, “You too Hansie…???”. Every section from the society started suspecting every cricketer. I don’t know about the cricketers but the person who was mostly affected by those talks was me. Everybody from my family and friends knew how much craziness I had about cricket. My friends and family members used to tease me by saying x have fixed the match and y has taken money for loosing match. But I kept my mind stable with all those thoughts which were in my mind before all this happened. 
            Despite all those talks and tease. In the summer of the same year I decided to join cricket coaching in Aurangabad.I joined the Kunte and Mane’s cricket coaching classes which used to be on Marathwada Saunskrutik mandal well knows as MSM in Aurangabad. Those who are not familiar with the ground then I want to say that the ground is equally big as any international stadium and even bigger in few cases. 
      It wasn’t like everybody was new the day I joined. So their warm up was different and mine was different. But after sometime my warm up was changed and my seniors and mine warm up was same. Then gradually I started to realize that cricket is not that easy as I had thought. I mean to say that their warm up was not that easy as I had imagined on the top of that I used to feel like an outsider while playing with them. But basically the problem was the differences I had with the coaches there. (Yaa every one who calls off the perticular career says the same thing but in my case thats true.) And I had too called off my dreams. 
    There are many influences which have ruined my life and forced me to changed my decision, but the words and my blog space is not the perfect place to share with you as I have right to protect my image. (There is nothing to laugh about...!!!) But if I have any interesting experience not necessary of mine which I feel is sharable with you then you will be informed. Till then feel free to use my blog to make fun of me. Have a nice day…!!!!!!! C ya..!!!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thank You for the overwhleming response..!!!!

Hey guys before I start my new topic, I just want to thank all you guys for responding positively for my previous post. I know by only 3 comments to my last post which may sound my words little exaggerated but a lot of people who read it apart from the people who post their reactions on my blog told me personally about how much surprise they were when they read the article. 
                         You know, before my previous post, wherever I used to post something informative or something which is worth sharing people never used to appreciate or acknowledge my work. So, Before writing this article I really had made up mind that if people don’t respond to this post then I will stop posting, but their acknowledgement has encouraged me to keep posting.
                       So, from now on I have decided to post at least one article in every 15 days. Anyways, my new article is waiting for me to finish it off. So, till then Have a nice day..!!!!!!