Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Decoding the meaning of "Transformation"

I have always wondered that How can Arnold transformed himself from Evil to a caring robot in Terminator II. I can completely sympathies with SRK’s character from Swades when he drinks water on that small railway station, but in his case that happens with him because he go through so much which makes him realize that people in India are living their life in poverty not by choice but by force. But how can a Robot transforms himself from robot that had no mercy for any person transforms into a caring buddy where eventually on the given circumstances he prefers to destroy himself to save the kid and his mom.

My real question was that what it actually takes for someone to change himself from someone to something…?????....Is it the circumstance which teaches you the things you were doing wrongly or some person who tells you where you are making mistakes. And I got all my questions answers when I moved to Pune last month for the IELTS (International English Language Test Systems) classes.

Even though I have never been someone like “Spendthrift” but at the same time I have never been someone who believes in spending money with being conscious either. But after spending a month in Pune I have definitely realize the importance of money. Nowadays my spending nature has surely changed as I have to plan out every single rupee I spent in Pune as I have limited balance and unlimited expenses. Earlier when I used to run out of money I used to ask my parents for money but now they are living 250km away from me so I am living my life completely on my own.

It is just not money spending lessons I have learned in Pune. There are different aspects of thing I have learned here. Like in Pune if you go to restaurant as a single person then you have to share your table with other single person. It is not just sharing table with people I was not comfortable with but the sort of people with I used to share my table too.

Let’s get realistic I am not expecting Britney spears or Matt Damon to have brunch with me but I can at least hope that I will have my brunch with someone with whom I will be able to eat my food ( For which I am going to pay from my own pocket) peacefully.

It was not just the Non-Vegetarian restaurants where people used to eat Chicken and Fishes like Greedy jerk without caring that a vegetarian person is seating on the next chair to him. Even if it is a Vegetarian restaurant the sort of people used to seat along with me were so terrible. I have seen people making noises while having Tea and Coffee..!! (Who does that yaar…!!!). But yet you have to bear all these things because you have no other choice to accept it.
Only through such experience I have learned a very important lesson in my life which is that be it Restaurant or real life, if you are living your life as a single person then these experiences are bound to happen with you where you will come across with such personalities with you may not be comfortable with or people you will find impossible to spend your time but you have to bear it to move ahead in your life.

You know before coming to Pune I had read or heard about Pune and Punekar’s whimsical nature that I was little conscious about my decision, but to be very honest I have not yet come across with such person who will be capricious by nature. As a matter of fact I found Punekar very helpful and caring too.

Factors like these and many others have forced me to change into a better person but due to the length restriction I am stopping here for now. I know that many of you will feel that Pune City has played very little role in changing me as many students from Vidarbha and Marathwada might have experience these incidence even in Cities like Aurangabad and in Nashik too…!!! But for me Pune has played pivotal role in changing me as no other city has been successful in changing me…!!

Chalo then I know I can write a series of books based on Pune City and its Nature, but for now I don’t have that much time nor experience with me to do that. So bye for now and please let me know what do you feel about my blog. Thank you and Have a nice day…!!!!!!